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    I did this exercise between 8/2010-8/2011. What initially started as a joke on Twitter, eventually became 100+ tracks recorded and released for free within 365 days.

    I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to experiment with various styles, concepts and recording/mixing procedures. During the making of this, I was also compiling material for various projects to be released throughout 2012 and beyond, separate from the material contained here. All in all, I learned a lot and am proud of the output.

    I owe a lot of appreciation to my friends and co-conspirators on Twitter, who would often supply me with subject matter, inspiration and collaboration. This would not have happened with out them (YOU.)

    Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy it. There's action, comedy, and fun for the whole family. The swear word count is lower than most rap singles, and the word "nigga" is not uttered once.


    Isolated Wax

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released August 28, 2010




all rights reserved


MEGABUSIVE San Jose, California

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megabusive's in the house
better hide your cat
before we get to playing kitty hockey
find a bat
like 15 fans
and i'm fine with that
gonna end the pattern here
cos nothin' rhymes with that...

just kidding
i'll attack that clap
with the same solid 'a' sound
track it back
handled mine advance mode
stanza champ
arrange the alphabet algorithmically
standards camp
androids camp
i kill campaigns
and consort amongst rhyme gods
can't complain
and can't refrain from freebasing lames
better than mega?
quit pullin' my chain
weak mc's try to rattle my cage
you can get barked on then disengaged
even if i do apologize the next day
doesn't mean i didn't mean
what i had to say
get with the program
i run hot/cold like a microwaved snow man
no pussy made raps or slow jams
i hold my own like black conan
san jo fam
Track Name: 082710
i been a round the block
seen an obnoxious lot
sought to seperate myself
yet keep gettin' dragged into
unfamiliarity of my surroundings
that i came up in
who the fuck let the cofused few
use schmoozing as a means of paying dues?
dudes be actin' cool
but i don't usually give it much weight
when i know behind closed doors
pussy cats secretly hate
and i don't blame 'em
they're too wack for the mainstream
and underground kids don't relate to 'em
so they perpetrate and over inflate things
i treat these measly ideas as play thing
i just wish they'd stay out of my business dealings
and fuck feelings
this is rap
and with out eminem and his for got about dre cadence
i don't think we'd be seeing all too much of that
these days anything goes
so i'll drop a bomb for free per day
until next august 28th
while concocting a diabolical plot for hostile takeover also
with my side campanos
these fools can barely walk
but manage to run their mouths like spokesmodels
imma start coming to shows armed with yanking canes and coke bottles
to throw at these below-average joes
throw a broom stick in your spokes
and put it out there for the world to see
as a viral video joke
the hoax and accompanying fix are in
(make way for the fraternity all the dicks are in)
you can recognize a trend
by seeing masses of rappers huddled outside
while someone inside raps better than them
Track Name: Saturday Morning Special
emulators lay claim to game
which the have no authority to aspire for
nore even consider attempting to obtain
its a no brainer that these individuals
consider the residual effects of others' success
something they can lay claim to
i fuck with mc's like keith and doom
ngafsh and ellay khule
dave dub and subtitle
these kids listen to gucci mane
yet speak of underground through obvious and unjust entitlement
i'm from a hostly vital environment
that confronts bullshit promptly
its my job as a boss mc
to talk honestly
and sacrifice modesty
as a means of enforcing policy
arch villains get unmasked at the end of every episode
thanks to those pesky flow controllers
and committed science soldiers
the bolder the endeavor
the colder the severity
not only justifies increased stability
but also a very clear picture of damnation and undeniable invincibility
couldn't be seen
by Gilbert Gottfried
Track Name: Keep on Truckin' produced by Dynamo414
i live a life of good days
and good vibes
good friends
good rhymes
good girl
good times

can't sweat the petty things
but that ain't always easy
with stuff like the baby mama
and rival rhymers trying to beat me
but i ain't dumb
so i use my time wisely
between courthouses
and my random rap sightings
otherwise i'm home trying to find my mind
meditating and playing street fighter online
while in the meantime in between time
i build like a beaver does
to keep my environment protected
in the event that there's a flood
which can happen and often does
i don't buy into every option offered up
so i'm obviously not interested nor impressed by much
i generally just feel like the world is out of touch...
and i'm above all the such and such
so i'll just hold my position down
and try to grow up

keeping things simple
never gets a chance to happen
so i try to manage stress
the best i can
i'm not perfect
but i am as close to zen as i've been in years
so i'll keep on truckin' into the sunset
and one day happily disappear

life's had it's ups and downs
and i've done myself some harm
but i'm not above responsibility
while many others are
this isn't an issue of me vs them
its me versus me
and i'm sure i and i can win
by being righteous within
and trying to fight sin
put my morals where my mouth is
and my heart where my house is
giving all i can give
while trying to love where i live
hoping that bliss exists
when push comes to shove
pounds turn to fists
integrity sound as brick
live by a code of morals
that doesn't bend, sway, shake or shift
i'm just chip
that doesn't mean i'm not normal
it means i'm not just megabusive
not even to say that i've found a balance
i'm just a dude whose got some talent
i'll jump these barrels
and climb these ladders
and at the very least give the world and option to idle chatter
Track Name: Makin' Bacon
line 'em up and move 'em out
produce beef by cloned calves
air spike to the domes of cows
with more than enough meat
to feed everyone
in every house
line 'em up and milk 'em out
and then we'll make the hens lay billions of eggs
that only stay fresh for a matter of days
sell 'em before their laid
and keep the money marketers paid
pork beliies are THE AMERICAN WAY
considering how many millions of americans are overweight
which makes them one of our GDP's most valuable assets anyway
same goes for corn and grain
the average american farmer
has been dead for days
while the agricultural industry of mexico
was also destroyed by the USA
yet these are things we take for granted
while we pretend to protect the planet
why aren't we taught in school to keep vegetables planted?
so that corporate america has a leg to stand on
while it cuts our hands off
me and mayor mccheese are about to have ourselves a good old-fashioned standoff
Track Name: Push Work
i'm not a zero
i'm an anti-hero
baker of the batch
one that flew over the birdhouse
with hook-ups
and a plan b
out to to stop the creatures scarecrows and toy machines
with a new deal to end world industries
the blockheads are consolidated
and the pigs wheel h-street
while blind girls feign
being saved by the a-team
dirty ghetto kids
become all-city stars
and enjoi a thrasher habitat
in cadillac cars
from fogtown to dogtown
and all points out
its my bones like powell peralta
slimeballs get bounced
i'm not a california cheapskate
my affiliates get kicked down keepsakes
the stereo plays
and i keep it real deluxe
counterfeits are fuct
so think before the krux
i stay active for fun
skateboarding 101
Track Name: Cheetah Speed!
watch chip run at cheetah speed
and leave the jackals dusted
fist pump for the party-down
first come, first served
hardly bound
the depth to which i'm trusted
doesn't undergo suspicion
cos i'm vocal with my thoughts
and make clearheaded decisions
i didn't invent the wheel
but i've secured some record deals
so i'll create a pully system
that gets me up the hill
like a skateboarding Pharrell
i guess only time can tell
i'm doin' pretty well
how bout yourself?
oh really?
that bad?
sucks for you...
i'm out.
can catch when you catch me
i'm not hard to snag
nikes and a shag
blunt and a bag
runnin' tracks like weed got steroids in it
afwreck rhymin'
like aztec timin'
no blood diamonds...just danny glover
i'm with happy with the silver chain
i got from my mother
chip got valley boy rhymes like no other
rollin' through life on urethane rubber
Track Name: Fraud Dispatch prod. by IQ
i'm pretty fresh with a rap
as evidenced by the fact
that i can switch between styles
like swatch wristbands


my principles are in tact
as instruments in the act
defining which zone dial
invites fraud dispatch


no need to stray from the basis
cos ain't no changes in the face
its just a matter
of some people trading places


we can take a tare
at bein' over complex
and risk a chance at
being popular:
non seq


they can state the obvious
while showing all their cards
we keep our plans like '88 Donruss box sets.


if i had to chose between being me
and someone else
i'd kill that person
to save myself


not to stay that i feel more superior
or deserving
but my life is more important
than some imaginary person


so i'll just keep doing
the good old one two
at 4:30 in the morning on a sunday.


Track Name: Polygon Anti-aliasing
ain't no comparison to chip
let's get that clear right now
just add my presence to the equation
and jot the difference down
i'll risk the odds of sounding
sketchy and detached
just to phoenix mode
beak comprised of hammers
forged from ash
they don't spit code like
polygon anti-aliasing
they're more like cloned sprites
with 1 pixel steady lazer beams
i'd say it pays to dream
but who am i say?
i program mine
on a looped sheep hurdle display
the he say / she say
need not be relayed
as my life is interesting enough
to have my own cool shit in which to be engaged
by the way i'm doin' ok
and i could always do better
so i do a daily routine
of building a greater me
suckers, leaches, haters, instigators and such
get brushed off swiftly
when i stopped paying attention
business went up
so now i'm chillin' like a villain does
how could i give a fuck
about trying to measure up
competing with my demons
seems to be enough
Track Name: Smooth Sailin'
sailin' the seas of cheese
with no nautical degree
just a 99 cent arizona black and white iced tea
and a map to happenstance
formerly known as happyland
but i'm leagues above direction
let the chips fall where they may
i'd prefer to stand: thank you
admiral of a cattywampus
anti-pompous paradigm
shift sail from starboard bow
to port side
then revert
like landing fakie to pivot outta backside boardslide
suckers swab decks with their ipods bumpin bieber
then retire to the the poop deck and proceed
to bump beavers
i'll climb atop the mast amidst a storm
yell land ahoy
and watch land lovers catch fevers
everyone looking to wilson for closure
but there won't be any reasoning
until the vessel flips over
a blunt for red october would be protocol, naturally
captain and commander
non-submarine screen-door logic
the craft isn't named sean hannity
Track Name: Rush Nothing
i fly through space
like lou diamond in the sky with
richie valens talents
appraised at the bare minimum
bluebook value
i'm premiumly gifted
when it comes to being focused
on my own two like i'm s'pose to
the naysayers pay no living costs
'round these parts
i'm up and out
when the jewel flashes
catch syntax for the craftsman
i appall crowds
and draw the youth to action
with no desire other than to
keep tradition
they'll keep looking for loopholes
and corners to cut
i'm about my history and my elders
and hoping they're proud of us
rush nothing
and pace everything evenly
or avalanche your path and have to
leave it up to chance
no thank you
i control my every glance
and leave the sucker shit to the weak
as long as i'm breathing...
i'm thankful
and that you can believe
Track Name: Plagued by Strangers produced by El Goonie
i get no points from pretending
i'm straight up order defendin'
shoot from the hip with a full clip
thats me
and i ain't talkin' about discharging a firearm
i'm referring to my ability to
think and speak quickly
composite sketch
of the menace
i fit descriptions
embedded in sediment
call it like i said it is
in god i trust and invested
so when the auction opens up
for entry to heaven
i'll be holding number 7 hundred and seventy seven
at which point any earthly relevance
may or may not be commuted
so i'll be sure to apply the context of the clues
to the specifics for which they're attributed
thereby declaring myself duly suited
in a world slightly less complex
than home economics
i'm a slightly more handsome shrek
with an imaginary friend named 'donkey'
plausibility runs in surplus
i'm a cavalcade of barricades
protecting purpose
surfs up
and my carves are crazy
fade comp like sun-in
and save these babies
eat a dictionary
and grow through osmosis
with a jaundiced jonesing
for r-type antidote
corridor closing
the lawn mower man
meets his maker
in a dot matrix
dead signal
plagued by strangers
Track Name: School Days produced by El Goonie
i woke up around a quarter to 9
supposed to be at school 8:45
no biggie i'll be there by second period
that'll give me time to stop and get some cigarettes
no school bus
i rode the 70
past flickinger
all the way to indy
back seat partitions were graffiti writer friendly
catch some tags
and scope stops for the homies
get off early if a 7-11 was crackin'
the generation that started the trend
of not being able to bring your backpacks
handcuffs airthrows then its off to class
i'm 2 hours late
but i conjured up a pass
class clown?
i'm class stand-up
impeccable timing with teacher ribbing
and the first kid to put his hand up
always passed tests
and was ill with pop quizzes
just wasn't really trippin'
off excelling in academics
the commercial arts magnet kept my interest
until drugs girls and skateboarding
led to my dropping out in my junior year
then transferring to pegasus
in the meantime
i was i was livin' my life
15 years old drinkin' 40's every night
no fights, just fun and foolishness
i'm merely stating the facts
not trying to glamorize how cool it is
even after returning
i wasn't there for the learning
and my being bounced from teacher to teacher
was rather discerning
with 2 concerned parents
and no viable excuses
i committed myself to catching up on my credits
all while creating this dude named megabusive
in '96 i'd graduate
at 17
with a high school diploma
and my family proud of me
bad attitude
with genius aptitude
and should have applied it
moral of the story, jordan
just try harder than i did
Track Name: Content for the Curious produced by DJ Traps
march past the simpletons
and leave nothin' to chance
thats my stance on daily living
and i'll tell you if you ask
don't leave much to question
my cards lie face up
i offer out suggestions
and keep mine laced up
turn the bass up
let's get serious
i'll tidal wave a rap
and knock a drum pattern delirious
content for the curious
i'm furiously vivid
for those in the know
and the descendants of the builders of pyramids
it's all math science and good old fashioned fate
with a myriad of variables added to the equation
to throw treasure hunters of course
and ensure they can't relate
i'm inclined to revise practices
that make delayed escapes
i run circles around myself
envisioning time well spent
as opposed to recording profusely
obviously hellbent
who knew he'd go deadpan
after all the caterwauling
i improvised an in-depth plan
to singlehandedly dismantle cattle calling
Track Name: Baron Robenshag - They Just Wanna Dance produced by DJ Traps
they just wanna dance
let the kids have a good time

let the beat take you places
you ain't plan on goin'
just try to relax body
start the good vibes flowin'
shake a peace sign
give a cat a pound
and get to bouncin'
at the club
or in the house
mix it up
and work it out
feels real good don't it
i'm 2 steppin' in the kitchen
listenin' to mind police
and steady tendin' to the business
if i'm in a bad mood
i just need somethin' bounce to
that corrects the issue
then its back to tossin' missiles
let the beat rock
and let your head nod
and keep your hands down
if you love progressive hip-hop
this is geniusly devised
don't be surprised when we blow up
or we blow out
don't make no difference
cos we're dancin' right now

they just wanna dance
let the kids have a good time

they just wanna dance
let the kids have a good time
Track Name: Get Busy
get busy
that's how i do
mr. super on point
man i ain't new
i know you you knew
what we were up to
paying respect
to those we look up to
in the cut like
like the cuts where its crackin'
i'm a man of many words
and a man of few distractions
once we got to countin'
all the decimals and fractions
it became more than a passion
so we stepped up
hand to hand transactions
tons of rhymes lofted into space
like discusses
refined with time
like mutabilis hibiscuses
ain't no kind of problem
tellin' what the difference is
megabusive tell your friends and family
to close the door behind 'em
and they just don't understand me
handin' out whammy's
or catchin' eye jammies
i'm happy as hell to be me on a bad day
when i have so many exceptional days
on average
it's kinda hard not to feel this way
everything'll be A-OK
panic ain't in the program
success in moderation
no crash landing
in the flight plan
Track Name: My Personal Inventory
i'm a savage beat disemboweler
embalmin' guts
drop a bomb like eradication
throw your vomit up
no ceiling
i live life in the sun room
stream of consciousness
drown stuck with harpoons
cartoon lifestyle
color and ink
i'm flesh and blood
stoppin' up the bathroom sink
life and death tandem accounts
in earthly purgatory
right and left positioned to bounce
my personal inventory
i'll call it quits
when the shits and giggles are stifled
i spend my wishes on equipment
not daisy air rifles
life works in cycles
and not the light type
my present is the standard
expert level excitebike
have your mind test driven
no headlights
just freeze frame exposures
caught in the deadlight
i've set my sites
and cleared the ice pond
i'm duck call crooning
let a rhyme rip roughshod
Track Name: What's Good? produced by DJ Worldwise
it's pretty simple really
and don't exist in theory
it's just nose to grind persevering
and some light reverse engineering
trying to stay endearing
with the end of time nearing
dealing with various deliriums
trying not hit my head on the clearing
no fault of my own
isn't an alibi
take responsibility
defy or comply
never the 'tween shall meet
nor shall they hybridize
it is black and white
with a tinge of ash
hit the ground
and bounce a story
then hundred year dash
i'll leave the cash
and take the truth
my mind is my stash
and the rhyme is my staff
with time on my back
i just keep marching the path
and stepping up the math
its all so convoluted
diluted and distributed
i'm waiting for the perfect moment
to drop my genius
undisputed isn't option
i'd settle for understood
i don't conform to rap parameters
what's good?
knock on wood
and pray to the small dipper
bermuda bound
no vessel passengers or skipper
just a hope that somewhere out there
under the great big sky
i'll find my calling
rhymin' up a storm to ride
immortalized by time invested
there's more life
so i'll keep stacking syllable strings
and go wide...
so much pride
sometimes its hard to be humble
so i ham up as i need to
while outside of the bubble
Track Name: 32 yrs.
conduct photons
like proton smash
in the zone against the norm
like when light refracts
in my 32 years
i've been to hell and back
ain't a whole lot change but the scenery
i'm just glad to be in tact
button press diagnostics
and unprecedented vocal inserts
invest my trust in the process
and pray for whatever works
one day at a time
i keep it simple
like aeronautics
tactical flybys
marginalizing barnstorm prospects
danger zone politic
my stripes aren't negotiable
hangar load apostle
two thumbs up...opposable
while just following protocol
lunar bound shoot maneuver
i don't go chasing waterfalls
with a taste of vindication in my jaws
i'll massage one out to reverse big bang
and keep keepin' on
the world caught rap apnea
keep sleepin' on
imma be a human being
it's what i rest my being on
Track Name: Be the Change You Want to See
they're launchin' missiles and rockets
from out your pockets
buy gas and assassinations
one stop shopping
fire bomb a village
in the name of our democracy
but who polices us
during post-war policy
can't be the feds
snitches moles and co-operators
just cos we ain't dead
doesn't make us any better
we've let our leaders run amok
and turn a blind eye
over night waits for technologies
but won't stand on the front line
i'll shoot it out
in the form of diplomacy
eradicate the hypocrites
by exposing the vulnerabilities
teach the babies
and learn from those before us
raise our voices to the heavens
god won't ignore us
fight and keep fighting
through enlightenment
be the change you wanna see
or be a victim of the system
no justice no peace
the beast feeds on indifference and greed
business supersedes the government
and the police
better check the IMF, fed reserve and wall street
instead of tracking down your congressman
and trying to plead for decency
take your money out of the bank
and sell your car
buy a parcel of property
and build yourself a farm
get to constitutionally taking up arms
to protect the ones you love
when they've given guns to walmart
Track Name: I Want My Nintendo
smack the fuck up out a beat
like a big ol' bully
megabusive super user
no pseudo do
human computer
king of the console
from here to tomorrow
just to make it crystal clear
i won't fall off or disappear
i do things how i want to
switch lanes shift gears
in a class of my own
gettin' intramural with my peers
keep the monologues swift
a gift with no givens
wrangle up provisions
in case they compromise our living
they can shuck and jive
while we open your eyes
imma push the ballot
every day that i'm alive
at that rate
that makes me
pretty special
exact change
instead of revenge
i'm way too instrumental
rhyme style fully covered
even incidentals
god speed
for the sleeper seed
AKs at the window
keep your MTV
i want my Nintendo
FOX news HBO and Comedy Central
Track Name: 021411
they dont want cyclones on their foreheads
forcefed lead on their doorsteps
dead that
suck a pencil pop
get your bobble bopped daily
mr. stay dri-fitted
isn't interested in dim wits
infinite with difficulty
miss me with the limericks
get your fancy tickled
if you fancy fierce lyrics
they're just fillin' space
killin' taste
commonplace in this day and age
just airwaves wasted
while i embrace pace
hiding in a spaceage cave
with my agenda clear
and moves made
to retain brain safety
maybe i'm just crazy
like a hyena
juggle a handful of detached retinas
fill eye sockets with madballs
and abscond to milpitas
i'm a tetrahydrodactyl
climb vertical walls
with no hands
devise surprise tactical
while giving finger sign commands
the answer with no questions
just a list of demands
let the listeners determine
under certain circumstance
pursue the power vested
and distribute as suggested
a purpose and a plan
lay the groundwork for success
imma further my endeavors
by being better than my best
Track Name: Don't Let Them Break Your Brain
i'm really pretty interesting
if you can manage listening
i mess with things
that other rhymers don't
if rap has taught me anything
it's taught how me to be an individual
and reach for the sky
at 5 foot 10 i'm a full grown man
and imma live to a hundred and 5
(X 10)
never fall victim to the same old same
or watch life keep passing by
(see ya then)
make a difference
be persistent
use your influence
to get you what you need
then share
even if it's pulled right outta thin air
you can pull your hair out
trying to figure your where abouts
better stick to concentrating
close to what you care about
never doubt the hand your dealt
all-in against the house
bluff and tough it out
march to the beat
of your inner doctor rhythm
unquantized timing like
right right right

don't let them break your brain
they want you stupid as fuck
Track Name: Sidewalk Symphonies produced by Awkward
i swing from beats
with ease
sidewalk symphonies
awkward heat release
off the deep with these
caught between a rock
and a beat machine
off the handle with preambles
chop a sample
example of bleep regime
way underground
beneath the sleeper scene
get on the get 'em
as we proceed
to give you what we blood for
no less human than the next dude
i'm for what the team's for
following the signs
and being mindful of the detours
thats word to my homie deform
bomb the bassline heavily
from seahsore to seashore
we need more leaders
and less conceders
endangered in the habitat
i expanded past the battle rap
with a heaping handful of action packs
rabble-rouse the house
my mouth and mind combined
compete for time
divided 50-50
i feel inclined to re-design
my environment collide
i don't subscribe or imbibe
but i'll shoot a nifty shifty
thrifty doesn't factor
i'm frivolous with words
dizzy dumb in close capture
be that as it were
i'll keep it steady
lean into the curve
dedicate the energy
to working undisturbed
set the stage ablaze
then leave it in a blur
the best plans are laid
when random incidents occur
activate your pleasure sensors
each and every turn
learn to make it work for you
and lighten your concerns
or if you'd prefer
defer to worrying
torment burns
careful with your intentions
we get what we deserve
painstakingly perfect isn't well served
live a life of purpose on purpose
Track Name: 022111
it's been a long time
i shouldn't have left you
without a 365 installment
to step to
happy as a party full of
kids off meds
chip go hard
(that's what she said)
with a key to the city
but they changed the locks
i'm off the docks
and the parking blocks
that means no comply
for the poser types
you style
so do i
but i own mine
better give it all you got homie
its show time
there's an onslaught of rhymers
all deserving of the limelight
ain't gon' be long
before we get ours
testament to heritage
so far we've raised the bar
i ain't with the dumb rap
flex some intelligence
or sit the next one out
and learn to work with something relevant
in and my out my element
i stay on task
i went from underground to deeper underground
Track Name: Blip Bop
lean back and watch the recoil kick
slip into the next dimension
let the infidels drift
throw the gamut out
and work with what sticks
minister of data exchange
codename: computer chip
bit crunching
hammer packets
tapped to audio
blitz circuitry patterns
switch stance
warp out
flip a glitch like mario
no man eating plant life
just a zone impresario
no shabbily crafted gadgetry
in the toolset
just these code bundles
and configuration presets
free of defect
hot off the assembly line
no need for speed test
benefits of the hard wire
and apparently the hardware
everyday wear and tear
warrants no repair
keep the pipeline clear
shortwave interference
redirects there:

half a bar of open air
Track Name: Excellence Bound produced by LAINEKEN
i won't be deterred
absurd and obscured
the cure for day to day to
revenge of the herb bots
secured in the serve spot
superb with word drop
turbulence in the title screen
tidal wave the turf top
vital stage the nerd talk
bible page berserk bop
idle engagements
don't provide for survival basics
you can take this job
and embrace it
achieve status
taste stasis
i'll fight elimination
with my high school education
then segment out the propaganda
in an array of delayed phases
information super friday
if > then $ variable rhymes like basic
computer chip
got gifts for the dummies
try to bite my swag
imma light this frag
then mark my territory
with my nicest tag
go zoney
give the phonies thumbs down
hide out then resurface
version 32.now
the network never goes down
we're excellence bound
Track Name: Life Won't Wait

oh shit...
nah it's saturday
time to count the week's receipts
take inventory
and tend to these beats
smoke a blunt
have breakfast
then be in these streets
glory days
glad we found you
got a whole lot of work to tend to
imma make the best use of mine
and that'll extend to
the end of time
get that gift rapped
been there been that
i'm the type dude
that might allude
to the truth
9 times out of ten
imma ask for proof
raise the roof
and your monetary index
suit your own limits
and when offered the opportunity
go prolific
re-imagine the world
and own your space
insist on self-sourcing
absorb more hate
lie dormant
the earth still rotates
life won't wait
elevate from the common state
dedicate your knowledge base
to amplify the part you play
in making this a nicer place
Track Name: Relate to my Information
while i may not be appealing
to the general population
smart people tend to
relate to my information
try to keep it right
imma keep mine close
the antidote for anti-dope
one of rap's bright hopes
my scope is broad
my stroke is hard
swing like every other monkey bar
schoolyard antics
on a frantic tangent
battin' a thousand
(outta here)
glad to be livin'
given all the circumstances
that i've put i've put myself in front of
random isn't the the only mode
the damage done's enough
escape from planet Beelzebub
we need to open up
impede what's seen and believe in stuff
leave the dreams to us
you won't be left beneath a bus
and thats from dust to dust
i'm ultra tuff in rhymer mode
my life's all hugs
Track Name: It's Like This produced by Tequila Brown
it's like this...
some got it
some don't
i do and a lot of dudes won't
success is figurative
its the subtle intricacies
like finances being distributed
and locking down licensing
its a survival thing
can't be held up at the station
with your train of thought idling
prepared for underground evacuation
won't be no titles needed
i respond to 'chip'
sent for the upliftment of the gifted kids
the ones who don't know how to listen
but learn
up against the standard
chaos theory preferred
another cog in the vehicle
parts are parts
i'm state of the art smart
with a cast iron heart
few and far between
not found off mark
i'm a scrillacon shark
don't be afraid of the dark
Track Name: Thank Our Stars
blue mouth tiger jaundice
lattice work for latter mercantile
pollenate with colgate
hyphenate a smile
tear down the tenement
let's make parade
then watch the ants bump heads
and serenade waste

lets take a moment out to thank our stars
i'm pretty sure that works in certain circumstances
how far will we go searching
when life stays steady lurching
i'll be here researching
how to perfect my person

lets take a moment out to thank our stars
i'm pretty sure that works in certain circumstances
how far will we go searching
when life stays steady lurching
i'll be here researching
how to perfect my person

medicate the militant
then separate the dissidents
eliminate the influence
and leave them all to die
books will be rewritten
in popular tradition
instant transition
the hand is quicker than the eye

lets take a moment out to thank our stars
i'm pretty sure that works in certain circumstances
how far will we go searching
when life stays steady lurching
i'll be here researching
how to perfect my person

lets take a moment out to thank our stars
i'm pretty sure that works in certain circumstances
how far will we go searching
when life stays steady lurching
i'll be here researching
how to perfect my person
Track Name: Oh Yeah!
rap is fun
i do it on the daily
don't spend a lot of time procrastinating
on point so tuff
i amaze myself
and i'm proud of the work done by everybody else
save the few with too many loose crews
and dudes in the backrow lookin' confused
this is still hip-hop
we got love
and a culture to contribute to
less hate more hugs
i stay off the internet and take more drugs
to modify my mindstate and spread this bug
push comes to shove
imma jump out the way and watch opposing forces butt heads
from miles above
heed my calling
and keep good company
pirates want my head
but won't get shit from me
i'm a super mc not a crash test dummy
green onion shrimp posse
gimme my money
Track Name: 0503112
you can be as positive as you want to
i'd assume
but it's often easy to drift off course
and land where the circumstances find you
every day we're given an opportunity to try
some succeed in overcoming adversity
and some just die
maybe not physically
but with will detached
out of tune with the synchronicity
totally outta whack
we need to focus up
the jokes on us
cos we'll probably live to be a 100+
shaking our fists at the sun
i'm ok with all the chaos
i make due by making good use of proof
change the things i can
and leave the damaged for the damned
everyday's a chance to do something great
so imma put my business face on
and make sure not to hesitate
waiting is for the idle
i take steps toward the horizon
just to see what the other side looks like
from outside of the frying pan
flying at the speed of me
achieve achieve achieve
die to live to die again
all i need is my belief
Track Name: Helium Heads
nobody does it like me
i'll prove it
with a burning yearning
taxidermy worming
form of music

just a little bit of esoteric jargon for the thinkers
shuttles thrust into combustible beakers for speak tweakers
known for thrilling features
can't fill these sneakers
ego bigger than the theater
i'll be lurking with the creatures

who needs an escape
i'm just barely getting settled...

roots based in modern thought
petal to the mental

coast cruise crash then walk away
don't much matter
keep the data safe
folks gettin' real carried away these days
helium heads
on their way to space

i'll say my graces
take my paces
and blip
while staying super studied
dodging ignorant shit

fighting for existence
in a world of carbon copies
writing rhyme in triplicate
to copyright my property
Track Name: Green Suede Wallys
fallback syntax
tech made oracle
column fracture
click clack
computer chip
making the book learned look remedial
close call speed dial
speak evolve
leaks are lead singles
i'll bunt 4 runs in
then attack the pitchers mound for nothin'
get ejected and keep the win
it takes a lot wind
to live amongst the pelicans
so i just spread my wings and coast
to parts more remote
devoted to the the database
walking rap catalog
mind like karaoke box
take one to grown on and pass it on
i'll be on my sojourn for solace
out the box fresh like green suede wallys
Track Name: Psych
make the preparations
to keep it cool like a seabreeze
rest and relaxation
wii ps3 360
trees and good juices
i've gone fishin' on the sofa
i'll holler when this episode of psych is over
walking around in pajama pants
dancin' by my own self
loaded up klonopin
this is for my people with that bad mental health
spending days with the curtains closed
sun out with the lights off
everything is personal
my idea of fun is sitting at home in headphones
trying to filter synth tones
leave me the hell alone
but i don't wanna be alone
and i got streets to roam
so imma put my best foot toward
moving me forward
put my smile on and head out the door
and stores
out of town when i can be
making friends and gaining colleagues
fuck depression
i just manage my anxiety
Track Name: Alternate Element Index
supernova presence
pressing bounds is the foundry
counterstrike when the compound is compromised
launch parable politic
for prosperous pace keeping
essential as red phosphorous
keep the dope from overheating
ionic mismatches cause explosions
and corresponding collateral damages
chronic dispatch of fragments of glass
penetrate the shells of enemy crafts
frequency jam
complete with notes on hypothesis
quotes and highlighter markings
lab coats and smart things

paradigm blitz in a search for a more
modernized civilization
a tear in time reserved
for a more marginalized equation
embrace the cables and stabilize
feed your brain more pain meds
chemically balanced
alternate element index
Track Name: Methods Found Most Unsound
titanium cranium
maybe i'm just too forward thinking
for these laymen lamenting
on source signal
come catch a maiming
i leave the CGI lifestyle
to light sabers and dancing babies
hyper phonetic
toss the head throw into tent thrown
layers above amazing
set the herd out for grazing
interface adjacent rays
in case of delays in participle
good going
cow tipping and lawn mowing
disappear into the mesosphere
no need to panic
Mega's here
i murder glitch clicks
and surf LFO
take the sample length down to a fraction
loops become code
don't mind me
on a mode
isolated wax technologies
the future is cold
the road less traveled
leads directly to my desk
and when the wave forms get to bending
spoils are tossed in the war chest
we live the methods found most unsound
hardwired to the culture
all we do is put it down
Track Name: Surf's Up
valley boy livin'
surf a beat like mavericks
hang 5 in the tube
carve one footed
land in handstand
swimmin' with the shark and dolphins
steerin' clear of pier pillars
its and endless summer
get your snorkels and your flippers
chip rides waves and oscillators
like kelly slater
meets kelly green vision shorts
worn by gator
paddle for a breaker
and i'm kick turn crazy
then its back under the boardwalk
i been here since the 80's
as long as there's a flow
imma get up and go
headed for the sunset
full board control
goin' coastal
under conditions
that i'm really not supposed to
the feeling of drowning
is the only form of of death i'm close to
surfs up
imma ride this one down
with dick dale in the background
brah i'm pau
Track Name: Like a Dinosaur
like a dinosaur
constructed of copper cables and rebar
spike the dynamic
by simply leaning on the seesaw
gravity laws abide by
however hesitant
reluctant by nature
those with drive
often thrive on decadence
what's to do for the true of heart
carry styles to shelter
influence the art
test more depths than temperatures
no standards to satisfy
just boundaries to smash
i won't apply a common aesthetic
no matter how impolitely asked
we're the livers of lives
niche diggers
and survivors
i didn't sacrifice my slice
i'm just too nice
let me give you some advice
follow the steps you're meant to fill
and maybe one day you'll find happiness
i pray that you will
until then
i'll be building
a foundation for my progeny
to be prodigies
juggling some semblance of a rap career
with more promising commodities

i won't be chasing waterfalls
or waterfront properties
Track Name: You Can Make It
i wake up in the morning about 6am
smoke an 1/8 of bomb for breakfast
that i'm on that ableton
impressive with the output
i'm just doin' like a skater does
in the street or on a beat
i'm backside heelflip
with a fader cut
i'll take all the props i can
epicly later'd but
imma keep doin' my thing
instead of sweating small potatoes
get to dancin' like everyones lookin'
and i don't care
harshin' vibes isn't acceptable
i'm way too aware
insusceptible to criticism
won't be compared
cos i'm more interested in doing things
that most won't dare
i got mine and imma keep it
fare's fair
i'll practice what i preach
and the spare the hot air
compassion, concern, care
and generally just being there
here's a toast to progress
and stayin' out of the ez chair
Track Name: Creepy produced by Tequila Brown
i get to goin' off
say what you want about me
rappers out here over mediocre
i ain't listening
15 seconds in hit stop
say something relevant
most the things i see
just seem like relics of some better shit
nothin' being said
all kinds of emphasis
i'm not impressed
my style is evidence
bounce around like pachinko pellets
make a tough sale
the frat boys think i'm dated
i think time'll tell
convex casual
crazy underrated
for the amount of work i've put in
i'm four star decorated
they can build sand castles
i'm building a blast wall
sticking to my principles
heed for what the task calls
somebody's sniffin'
puppy paws around the perimeter
mind your business
and quit being a sniveler
enough with that
i got sunshine to deliver
just know i get the message
and believe i'm better
Track Name: Spitters Like Breathing
meteor type
write rhymes
by satellite
heat sustains life
keep the sneakers off ice
pay the ultimate price
stray from the divisive
with an appetite for vices
enticed by shining things
swatting at stars
mutts on the track
attacking cars
clutch performance
in a pinch
its a cinch when your endowed
what i lack in capital
i make up in friendly rhymer miles
rearrange the play-field
like mahjong tiles
license to kim jong il with it
nukes are piled
the clueless remain so
on the wrong side of the rainbow
i'm plain as day vocational
spitters like breathing
they're lame because i say so
dummies will never see me
future crazy DayGlo
i'll be here if you need me
megabusive gives the easy route
a big thumbs down
momentously hardheaded
made for breaking ground
Track Name: 'Tis All Good produced by Myc Ripley
my life is good
ain't got much complain to about
can't go a day without
my faith and i'll embrace
the hatred
they pay out
i'm confident
i'm comfortable
i'm conscious
i'm free
trying to be a positive role model
and i'm almost 33
happy as i had ever planned to see
and far more thankful
i lived the life i wanted to
and give back because i'm grateful
be chip for a day
on a bad one
try to keep your mind intact
while you watch the world collapse
my concern goes far deeper than that for myself and mine
i tend to think on a global scale
without talking to people
like their blind
in these days of hope for sale
i won't be in their line
its a fact thing
they don't understand my kind
and as simple as the answer is
we don't always abide
by the rules for happy living
some would rather bask in pride
i've already done my part
by my son i'll be survived
but there's more to this
than what i think
so good will stay my life
Track Name: Have Some
rhyme discuss
with spitters clay pigeons
i'm highway hobgoblin
highly proficient
take a bounce and beam up to planet
can't tell the difference
livin' in the moment
learnin' how to work these widgets
ego nothin'
attitudes go midget
i'm just doing what i taught myself
handling my business
stay medicated
remain on top of my affairs
incidentally i'm unpredictable
keep your hands out of the air
like a dollar bill scale tare
calibrate your information at 0.0
and start from there
compare apples to apples
and obscure your samples
i'll trample gafflers
with baffle answers
the task at hand
is a grand one
pop one
land one
get no respect?
demand some
imma ride it out until the fans come
and search the world
for anyone who'd like to have some
Track Name: Relate that to the Grid
i say hello to the sun
then get to propagating pages
information gets relayed to
redundant databases
displayed at the highest definition
my resolution is crystal shield
autonomous in the technosphere
i'm way over here
restricted by diction my syntax too tough to crack
recoil on the cadence
watch the stanza dispatch
tantamount to the most magnificent
resiliently packed
crash the chipset through stress test
then condition cool the rack
no position switch
chip is infinite with grammar hatch
hatchet attack the track
and ask for half the action back
enact fact trap
interact clap slap
contract caps attract
abstract rap
solid as as a pyramid lid
on point like lasik
voyage into the wilderness
bridges made of faces
paced in a scope most suitable
space remain as relative as
uncle sam is not my uncle
relate that to the grid
Track Name: In-game Play
chip's back with a bag full of hand outs
quick to get the syllables stacked
safe to land now
push the limits daily
my call
my creed
a knack for innovation
and diplomacy
weak minded ain't known to me
i float on the strength of my potency
no cut scenes or loading screens
i'm in game play all 2d
think you're sunk
that's all you'll be
pick you up
then fall on knee
if you're lost
don't follow me
i'll be taking my own lead
survive in a time
when many think the dance is over
i will arrive
in a late model land rover
moon roof open i'll gaze at the clouds
and try to concentrate on not falling out
Track Name: Yup
the worlds been mad
i spent my youth angry
misguided and mislead
alcoholic underfed
with a monkey on my back
and a monster in the closet
a head full of demons
and some money in my pocket
by the time i turned 31
i still felt 18
making messes everywhere i went
i didn't appreciate things
now i've sobered up
and keep the focus on my doing good
push the help agenda
keep the garbage out my neighborhood
peace signs frequent as my thumbs up is
ain't got no time for pointing fingers
i'm just tryin' to live
dyin' to give back
and keep the tracks
super soupy
i'll be deep in the pocket
like newborn marsupials
as long as i see light from the end of this tunnel
i'll paddle through it
just to have a clearer view of the world
with everything as crazy as it is around the globe
i'll concentrate on happiness and stay my ass at home
Track Name: Trying to Rhyme
can't get to stressin' small stuff
sometimes thats just how it is
i like to think that what we get
is based on how we live
good guys finish last
here's a toast to our longevity
leave the bad times in the past
don't sweat the negativity
coast at a comfortable slide
watch out for danger
roll with the punches
and stray from strangers
keep a grip on your reality
don't get subbed
by well wishers
seeking to soak game and such
stay slick like the gulf coast
lames entertain each other
by seeing who can copy the most
no thanks
i'll keep linking letters like tomorrow's delayed
and give my 2 cents away
every few days
lifetime commitment
all dues paid
out spreading the gospel
homemade crusade
takin' the line and tryin' to rhyme
is a lifestyle not a pastime
i deserve to have mine
Track Name: Pyrite
we rap our asses off
hand map the grammar toss
expansive command of beacon flash
when there's no land in which to be lost
accost a cadence with wanton indulgence
of the more focused type
chemtrail skywrite
underground like pyrite
we fly brains
and don't print paper flyers
chip done built a lane
i've got a generation to inspire
an acquired taste
embraced by tape pools, and kids who carry skate tools
it takes moves to make moves
forward approach and escape a frame of mind
that no one can relate to
then remind myself
why i never oughtta have left
in the first place
worst case scenario being
first place winnings
without any sort of form of competing
leaving the scene the like it was when i got there
the beat could use a beating
and skybox seating
clean as they come
i use the drums like some do substances
a hotrail for older hardcore habits
take one to the lungs
unsung and far from unstrung
one day things will be different
and i'll be where i'm from
Track Name: Ignore Their Rules
no more bomb strikes
while socialites gloat
flaunting undeserved wealth
capsize boats
take a match to a hedge fund
capitalism kills
keep your children safe from banks
hide your money in a safe
live free from the government by any means you can
quit your job
and work for yourself
forget what you've been told about
the best laid plans
republicans democrats
sadistic bureaucrats
who want your social security
so they can afford to pay back the fed for loans
with your income tax
no coleco
the national guard will enforce jurisdictions in indicted neighborhoods
share that with your people
it isn't looking good for those who don't own property
but with a car, the insurance company is still taking your money
so is big oil
sales tax and lotteries aren't building schools
but these rappers got millions of benzes you can't use
my view of the world is crystal clear
every-thing's confused
no reliance on outside factors
i can't lose
treated like an idiot by the system
i ignore their rules
wallowing in their poisons
but won't be consumed
i've got a long life ahead of me
and work to do
Track Name: Use Communication
pick a plan
and try to stick to your guns
don't measure your own worth
by what someone else has done
make yourself #1
and your people equals
never take the easy route
cos out is where it leads to
bite your tongue when need be
and save yourself the trouble
of arguing with imbeciles
looking to burst your bubble
i'll hold a door open
i expect a thank you
life is what you make of it...
also what it makes of you
raise the stakes
and make a mark on time
celebrate your oneness
with your mind
we can all find ways to keep a rosier perspective
when we spend time trying to analyze
what makes us different
that's a rational method
of exploration
not trying to rationalize every situation
i guess what i'm saying is
use communication
there is nothing to be learned in
passive aggression
Track Name: Back
who blows the cap off
rap gone avalanche on beaches
mister flip a seed and feed the breed
no need for lengthy speeches
go for 16
and leave the field
still undefeated
conquests we yield
often times can leave us cheated
exceed reasonable doubt
achieve real clout
believe in what you need to
i'll keep my cypher see-through
arguably of the most expeditious
no jumping sams
i'll smoke crack if i want to
that just shows how i dope i am
for real though
get assfucked with cracked glass dildo
by your sancho on non-stop flight to pronto
remedial rap only makes me more mindful of mine
i'll sit in the back making fun
of the front of the line
but back to mega
back to back to hammers
let the slackers know what's happenin'
while i sit back and count cadavers
i don't deal with nancy matters
got too much on my platter
quarantine myself
and watch success approach faster
Track Name: 18 to Nothin' [Revisited] produced by Vrse Murphy (Sacred Hoop)
swing these lasers like i'm swinging from the scaffolding
making these records cos i'm too nice for the battling
upgrade the wave to make the sound go batty
elevate the bass and make the trunk start rattling
we spit rhymes like kids with lisps do
no impediments in the arsenal
just to lous to skip to
they don't want this devil music raising their kids
telling them to raise their voices and raise their fists
i'm just here to navigate the maize
use my powers to control my day to day
and stay paid
i won't throw a tantrum
i'll throw a live grenade into the game
and watch body parts start flyin'
amputees laid lame
i don't know the status quo
or the same old same
selfmade name
fire in the hole
fire on the brain
firefight with twilight
until the break of day
insane with preparation
ocd campaign
i'm poppin' apple cider
don't drink champagne
i don't count losses
experience gained
i can't stand bosses
got office space

who wants to waste their time barkin' up my tree
get bo jacksoned and pushed right by me
catch it at the 10
run it back for 90
tecmo pro bowl
ride the lightning
you know the flow be
smooth off top like a flowbee
all OG no probee
no bologna
and no perogi
rappers get 8 like 9 left lonely
totally adept at surviving
toss a bread crumb
trying to rhyme candyman with redrum
go ahead and say something dumb
it's expected
that means you're consistent
or predictable...pick one
i'll just be lookin' like i missed somethin'
i bet you really feel you did somethin'
(uh uh)
i got plans
and cross each item off
as i get closer
i find i take less time off
simulcast from underneath it all
we keep it pulsin'
tectonic shifts with jet propulsion
stay outta limbo
keep it out in the open
i'm tom hanks in cortez
running to the ocean
Track Name: Larry Boy Burial [Revisited] produced by Vrse Murphy (Sacred Hoop)
sucker dudes wanna make things difficult
messin' up the vibe addin' injury to insult
saltin' everything around 'em
nothing's every good
enough or at all
pleading misunderstood
i understand it real clear
hence the larry boy burial
take that to the tier
we're trying to have a party here
don't need nobody mouthin' off
and trying to get attention
these larry's never seem to get it
despite their ill intentions
we're havin' fun
dummies lookin' all gassed at us
isolated wax is in the house
find your flash passes
escalate the stakes
and quake the stage on a sucker team
out the larry league
supreme with a lofty legacy
put it to sleep
i'm doin' me
and they hate it
if here is where i'm going
i can say i'm glad i made it
never perpetrated
no need for it
played it how i wanted to
and now i'm being redeemed for it
stored up my chi and reemerged as me
of the suave and savvy type
levi's and nikes
of course larry's don't like me
they wanna be like me
i'm 10 years removed from the hype they're riding
Track Name: Wrong Decision [Revisited] produced by Vrse Murphy (Sacred Hoop)
thought it might be fun to drink a bunch of cheap alcohol
stumble out the house and stray in to the mall
knockin' over mannequins
and scaring people's kids
wrong way up the escalator
eatin' shit


your high brow homie always knows what's cool
trying to sell the benefits of hanging out at high schools
grass or no grass...your dude brings cleats
age is just a number
he gets younger every week


everywhere you go you're forced to lie through your gums
about everything including what you do and where you're from
still can't manage to love yourself
blaming all your problems on everybody else
holes in your story
can't get no help
brick by brick your own private hell


tenderloin broad hollerin' denominations
tellin' me she needs to get to cahill station
2:37 ain't a train for hours
she hit the next corner to charge up her super powers


back in 40 seconds lookin' like she fought a ghost
askin' me what i was doin' on jones and post
said i was waiting for a ride back to san jose
she asked if she could come cos she was going that way


had to tell her i was lying
then i ran down to geary
then i started seeing zombies disappearing
looked behind me sprintin' seen her trip on a curb
dust herself off and turn into a bird
real life pigeon
eatin' chicken off the ground
with some college kid's vomit to wash it down


i try to walk solid
but my life ain't perfect
staying away from booze makes for an easy solution
i have my moments when i spazz the conditions
but generally i'm calm
and use keen evaluation
pretty cool in almost any situation
i'd say i'm pretty patient
but please don't try my patience
either stay the fuck away
or keep your distance
before it becomes another wrong decision
Track Name: Fin
i've conquered my demons
and left to the rest to common sense
i'm just a little left of normal
hold down one side of the fence
follow the call and bow to no one
de-facto rulers aren't visible
the marketplace is mixed up
we're cd and digtal
rap for fun like its meant to be
share and share alike
i marvel at the inconstancies
and the seemingly unaware types
i've done my best to keep the focus
on the things i really do
rather than exaggerate
and act like i'm any better than you
i'll do what fits me
and call it how it hits me
no whistling dixie
or seeing chip on a fixie
principles all we got
and i keep mine pinned to my lapel
me and my apple laptop
fare pretty well
i triumph daily
on a quest for what seems most fair
and stand as my own a heir apparent
with my attention on who cares
from the top of this clout hat
to the sole of these nike airs
i'm in this because i love it
and i ain't goin' anywhere
Track Name: Raise the People Up!
i roll it up into blast
and clear a scene out
heavy weight artillery
empty the magazine out
i've been helpin' out the homies
you're dealin' with me now
everything out the ordinary
from hard copy to freestyle
no limits known
isolated wax
the hometown kids are grown
and giving something back
we don't see comp
we see comrades
in a fight against fads
for the permanent underclass
things come and go in a flash
don't blink
be true to who's got your back
and think think think
we're on the brink on something beautiful
i'll bet my life
that one of us is gonna end up taking flight
thats the type of faith you need to have
in those you consort with
or be another hanger on
looking for free endorsements
i love my team and extended fam
i'm dope as fuck
but ain't shit without them

raise the people up
or fall the fuck back
so as to not be misinterpreted
thats my mission statement...not a threat.
Track Name: Still Ain't in the Building produced by DJ Traps
i can get to problem solving
keep the complications evolving
bobble top the pestilence
and mazel tov to ignorance
we can stand within arms distance
as if that proves some sort of similarity
no likenesses
that'll get you just as far
as driving without a license gets me
test degree
free instantly
enemy of the status quo
i already think differently
barrier break and shatter class
carrier range
and rearrange for blaster spazz
get lifted off the pavement
by insane plain as day statements
my music ain't for cavemen
if i wasn't in your tape deck
you might wanna take a raincheck
the brain gets clickin'
and laymen get sickened
when i'm workin' for the weekend
fresh Bo Jackson's squeakin'
cross the living room tile
i get deep with composition
if you're diggin' my style
we can keep coolin' to the beat
if you're willin'
if you're not, fuck you
i ain't got no time for grown children
i'm in the 23rd quadrant chillin'
gettin' money like i need to
isolated top billin'
i could give a fuck if i got suckers catchin' feelin's
i got homies catchin' wreck
and i still ain't in the building
Track Name: Kaka Poopoo
everyday's a good day
balance perspective
from tuesday to tuesday
i'm sure to count my blessings
trying to evade anxiety
practicing my rituals
with a variety of tools
to maintain my mental

get motivated
handle your biz
insist on certainty
or hit the skids
i'm pretty confident one day we'll win
the right be outwardly proud of the skin we're in
hug a baby
shake a hand
play with a puppy
turn that frown inside out
and quit being so ugly
pardon me while i hit my zoney
most mean people
are just way too lonely

some can't hack falling back and relaxing
out to attack anyone who has things
poopoo kaka
get acknowledged not
activity steady
interceptions caught
keep your eyes peeled
smell the roses
rock it non stop
until the curtain closes
i can't be concerned
if it ain't on the positive
i'm out here gettin' money
been knowin' what the object is