Study the Breaks


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A free song. produced by Megabusive.


i been on the grind
doin' business on the backend
chillin' with my son
and otherwise relaxin'
come this summer
its full blown action
coast to coast runs to
push this package
i may not be the best
but i'm better than average
so i'll dodge the cynicism
and bring the magic
holed up in isolation
with a bird's eye view of the population
stayin' out of the way's how i participate
and give the world the something to anticipate
for the ones that can't differentiate
sometimes its just better to wait
even if you need to alienate
i see the output
but what are the stakes
move slower
make less mistakes
i'll study the breaks
and stay away from snakes

imma keep doin' this as long as it takes
dialed in daily
no time to waste
no hurry imma keep the pace
rhyme skyward
study the breaks

gather up the intel
and spit that clean
off the backboard putback
play for the team
generally the hype machine
crafts their stars
and over payed babies
crash their cars
keep my head in the beat
and bash these bars
evangelical lift
complete heat psalm
how can i possibly do me wrong
when fools are out to do me wrong
100% heart goes in each song
so me and wack cats don't get along
they say i don't matter
and are foolishly wrong
puttin' their nose where it don't belong
all up in my business
like they sign my checks
gimme 10 feet
and the due respect
in the silent hate
2 and 2 connect
i can't relate
so i study the breaks


released May 25, 2012



all rights reserved


MEGABUSIVE San Jose, California

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