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heavy type
sound strike
bomb on competition
rock a steady mic
ground fight
graphite composition
chip spit panic button
while the lames lay chase
cause termite static function
stuck with biters layin' eggs
blaze the latent phase
to escape the shade
then show 'em exactly what i'm made of
steak and eggs
they'll fake the funk
i'll face the facts
i'm missiles in the trunk
they're fix-a-flat
miss mega with the this and that
i'm not concerned for what's expected
respect the math
war path nothin'
i'm protecting my zone
so until these suckers fall back
i'll be holding my own
free and unthreatened
flow cold to the bone
no question
total control
when god made me
rap folded the mold
and a panda sheds a tear for every unit i've sold

sew that solid
homage paid to the greats
extend credit where its due
and be aware of your place
pace your efficiency
don't overextend
or tend to bend over backward for fair-weather friends
use sense to your benefit
and best defense
think peace be peace
mend the fence
or walk around salty
all cynical and indifferent
that pathway's faulty
and mine isn't
mind my mistakes
and take breaks to balance
waking up is about as much as i can manage
but i push through gracefully
gone where my life has taken me
renovated a vacancy
and kept repping the agency
fighting to make a space for these
looks on living
faith in my facilities
i'll give it every schilling
years and years of killin' it
i still ain't in the building
all i ever wanted was to talk about my feelings


released October 9, 2013
produced by Megabusive



all rights reserved


MEGABUSIVE San Jose, California

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